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“Bogard’s marvelous novel offers a deeply moving exploration of individual and generational trauma… Bogard’s characters…are beautifully developed… A tender, hard-hitting, and sometimes darkly unsettling tale that excels in portraying the complex intensity of its characters.”


Now available in paperback or ebook from the following retailers:
(ebook only available from Amazon)

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A History of Silence

Book One of the Heartland Trilogy

Four women, unknowingly bound together by one man’s violent past.


Seasons Such As These

How Homelessness Took Shape in America

During the Reagan years, homelessness went from as seldom-noticed social ill to a central poverty-related concern that demanded a national policy solution.

About Cindy
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Cynthia J. Bogard has reinvented herself as a novelist after a successful career as a Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at Hofstra University in New York. Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, she’s lived in Kuwait, Greece, Mexico, New York and in Madison, Wisconsin and Texas.

        World traveler, longtime feminist and environmentalist, Greece, mid-20th century jazz, and Mother Nature are all close to her heart. These days, Cynthia lives with her spouse and two rescue dogs in Montpelier, Vermont. 

About the Author

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