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Beach of the Dead

Was murdering her lover the best thing she’d ever done for herself?

It’s 1986. Like her namesake Jane Eyre, Jane Meyer’s cruel childhood has left her isolated and friendless. Worse, Jane finds herself burdened with a dark secret. She has just murdered her graduate school advisor — and lover. Seeking refuge, Jane flees to Mexico, assuming a new identity as Ana in a paradise that welcomes and nurtures her wounded soul. For the first time, love seems within reach.

However, Ana's newfound life is built upon a web of deception, eventually forcing her to delve into the complexities of her predicament on a quest for resolution. When her newfound paradise faces devastation, Ana realizes that the only path to redemption lies in embracing her true self.

With themes of truth, resilience, and the pursuit of justice, Beach of the Dead unravels the layers of Jane/Ana's life as she confronts her darkest moments. Readers will be captivated by the tenacity of the human spirit and the power of acceptance in the face of adversity.

Book Two of the Heartland Trilogy

Cynthia J. Bogard

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